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Mystery Date! OoOoooOoo~~

Posted in advertising, comix, mod, shameless parody, television, video with tags , , on June 13, 2008 by reccaphoenix

This is a real commercial for a real board game from 1965, “Mystery Date.”

If you ask me, those girls look a little too young to be going on any date at all, much less a “mystery date.”

An updated version was made in 1972 (to replace all those squares with dudes of the longer-haired vest-wearing variety, I bet). It kept getting updated, adding multicultural boys and other stuff. “Mystery Date 2000,” which I remember, had a fake phone where the dude would call you or something.

And here’s the obligatory shameless parody (click to view fullsize):

gee I hope I don\'t end up with Mick Jagger!

The photographer is the main character from Blow-Up, notorious for his treatment of women. John Entwhistle was the extremely talented bassist for the Who. And yeah, I do play bass (and I prob’ly would steal Entwhistle’s bass).



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Maybe whoever was stoned enough in the ’70s to put EGGS + BACON on the cover of a JOHANNES BRAHMS album can explain to me the logic here…. Maybe this stoner thought that hungry people in the store would buy this in the confusion caused by hunger…. I am actually craving bacon n’ eggs right now as a result…dammmmn >: (

Stoner: Brahms…sounds like some kinda toasty breakfast item…yeaaaah maaannnn….eggs and bacon it is….

**Many thanks to sexycoolsuperspy (an awesome retro + kitsch blog) for making me aware of the horrible wonder that is…. **

as if there wasn’t enough crazy sh*t out there to write about already… *sigh*

***Update: see the first comment for a video that does show Brahms/breakfast action.