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Similarities – Funeral Parade of Roses and A Clockwork Orange

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It’s a fact – A Clockwork Orange emulated the visual style of several scenes and elements of Funeral Parade of Roses, which came out several years earlier in 1969. This article will discuss the similarities between the two, and my overall impressions of said “borrowing.”
First of all, this article is not meant to say that A Clockwork Orange is a bad film because of this – the films’ plots and overall constructions of timespace are vastly different, and ACO is still a brilliant film. And besides, many people who have seen Funeral Parade of Roses did so because they heard about how much Kubrick loved and used things from the film.
First there’s the sped-up long take set to electronic, happy classical music. FPR uses it during Continue reading

Trainspotting and A Clockwork Orange

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I recently saw the movie “Trainspotting,” and noticed many eerie similarities between the film and “A Clockwork Orange.” You could write it all off as coincidence except for the fact that when the guys are in the nightclub where Rent Boy meets his underage lover: there is a room with black walls with (“Voloko” + something) written on them in the same font and style as the Moloko bar in ACO. Also, the shot there where it slowly zooms in to the guys is basically a reverse of Kubrick’s opening shot in ACO. So, given that the director/set designer directly references ACO, the similarities don’t seem all that coincidental!

“But Trainspotting was based on a book!” you say. “I’m sure the book didn’t have that shot in it!” This is true. And all these concurrences could be a matter of synchronicity. But I thought it would be interesting to point ’em out. So, here we go… Continue reading

Clockwork Orange – new DVD + Alex’s OTHER favorite music

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So one of my favourite new Xmas presents was the new special edition DVD of A Clockwork Orange….Malcolm McDowell’s commentary really makes it interesting! While watching the film through again, I noticed this….


^ ^This is the tape Alex removes from the player to listen to Beethoven. ^ ^

If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the “top 10” records at the music store, Goggly Gogol, the type of crappy pop music that book-Alex condemns. HA, but he was listening to it!

Now hold on, you say, it could be a leftover of some OTHER time he invited girls over. That could be true Continue reading

Hahaha, Malcolm McDowell on Conan O’Brien

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This is great! Malcolm McDowell talks all about playing Alex.

“The only redeeming feature of Alex is that he listens to Beethoven”

“Oh, I thought his only redeeming feature was that he wears a bowler.”


Part II of the interview was here:

Conan doesn’t forget to ask all about the infamous “Caligula” as well. >: )