Manga Translation Projects

This is where you can find manga translation projects I’m doing. Click on the title to go to each work’s project page, where you can find more detailed information and links to download my translations (as I complete them):

Astro Boy Pocket Biography: John Lennon アトムポケット人物間:ジョン・レノン (Yes, it’s a manga aboutjlcover John Lennon).

This is a little oddity I picked up in Japan, a MANGA about John Lennon’s life introduced by Astro Boy! It’s for children, so it’s definitely a slightly more candy-coated version of his life, but it’s quite well done.

Author: Jun Watabe (pictures)/Yuiko Asano (story)

Year of Publication: 2001

Genre: biography

series: Astro Boy Pocket Biography

Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Rating: G

2 Responses to “Manga Translation Projects”

  1. OMFG! i love john lennon! tell me where to get the english version!

  2. I knew it. Lennon had to be a manga. Somebody had to make him manga, the beatles are just to famous and to good to be left out in any art, work, place, sport, life, atmosphere, etc.

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