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So It Goes – QI

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This installment of “So It Goes,” our maybe-popular summary-parody series, tackles the sensationally clever and humorous quiz programme Q.I., hosted by the lovely and sticky and gorgeous Stephen Fry.  This is another of my favorites that I thoroughly enjoy, but can’t resist parodying.

So It Goes – Q.I.

A vaguely Jamaican-synth-elevator-muzak theme song is accompanied by some vaguely unexciting graphics.

Massive applause as we enter THE QI STUDIO!

Stephen Fry: Goooooooooooooooooo

this goes on for several minutes…

Stephen: …ooooooooooooooooooooood Evening! Good Evening! Good Evening!  And welcome to Q.I.!  Today’s episode is all about…..JAUTOMOBILES!

Erm….Stephen….I believe that starts with an “A”…..but we are in Series “J,” after all.

And it’s not the job of the italics to provide comment.  Do continue. ^^;;

Stephen: And today as our guests we have the lovely Jo Brand!

Jo has a smug look on her face.

Stephen: The not-British Rich Hall!

Rich looks vaguely angry.

Stephen: Bill Bailey!

Bill gives the camera a wry look.

Stephen: and…..Alan Davies.

Alan looks goofy.

Stephen: So, now that I have introduced all of you and everyone has laughed at Alan’s novelty buzzer noise, let’s begin.  Why do we not drive on the right side of the road in Britain?

A picture of an old man in a quaint British car driving along the road appears on the backdrop screens.

Alan: The Blue Whale!

Jo: My husband tried driving on the wrong side of the road once.  And then he still complained about me not hoovering the room the right way…

Rich: Because you’re wrong.

The audience laughs hysterically at Rich’s joke, while he sits there with the same angry expression, totally deadpan.

Stephen goes into a lengthy explanation of the answer.  All are amazed.

Stephen: Now, what animal….is larger than several large lorries?

Alan: The Blue Whale!

Wrong answer buzzers go off.

Audience laughs at Alan.

Alan: It had to be right this time, I thought….

Stephen once again corrects a succession of wrong answers with wit and grace.  All are amazed.

Jo: My husband was a lorry driver once…

Things continue in this vein for a good twenty minutes.

Stephen: Well, everyone, it’s time for the scores!

Stephen tallies up the scores somehow.  Alan places last.  Stephen provides a witty quote and the programme ends, everyone feeling satisfaction at having learned many quite interesting facts (no pun intended).

So It Goes – Jeeves and Wooster

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And now, a new series of humorous writings – “So It Goes.”  Each of these is a humorous treatment of how certain TV shows “always go”….and yes, my dry description here is killing the humor, I fear.  So I’ll get started.  And yes, I might do these in comic form someday, because text is boring.

So It Goes: Jeeves and Wooster

BERTIE WOOSTER, idle riche, is enjoying himself at his gentleman’s club.

Club Worker: Mr. Wooster, one of your rich and annoying female relatives is here to see you.

Bertie: I’m not here.

Club Worker: I already told her that.

Bertie meets with said relative.

Relative: Bertie, you have to fulfill a social obligation that will somehow impinge on your ridiculous amounts of free time.

Bertie: Never!

Relative: I’ll take some of your ridiculously large allowance if you don’t.

Bertie: I’ll do it then.

Bertie is at home in his bachelor pad.  He has just finished playing a jaunty novelty song on the piano.  Jeeves does not understand novelty songs.

Bertie: Jeeves, I have an ingenious plan to weasel out of my social obligation and/or solve a romantic problem of one or more of my good friends and cousins with unusual names.

Jeeves: Indeed, sir.

Bertie: Jeeves, you don’t approve?



Jeeves: Very well, sir.

Bertie: Pack my bags!

Bertie and Jeeves have arrived at a stately country home, which will provide the setting for Bertie’s antics and failures.

Bertie has just embarrassed himself at dinner.

Bertie: What did I say that was wrong, Jeeves?  I thought I was very witty.

Jeeves: Indeed, sir.

Bertie: Well, nothing can interfere with my masterly plan which cannot possibly go wrong, seeing as it relies upon doing things in pitch-black darkness where I might mistake someone’s identity, and upon my having figured out exactly and precisely what everybody is thinking……

Jeeves: ……..Very good, sir.  Might I suggest instead that you do the much simpler thing and….

Jeeves outlines his much more sensible alternative.

Bertie: Don’t be silly, Jeeves.  My idea is foolproof.

Jeeves: Very good, sir.

Later that night, Bertie’s plan has spectacularly failed, yet Jeeves has come to his rescue somehow.  And everybody in the TV audience wonders how our young fool was saved.

Bertie: My God, Jeeves, how did you pull that one off?

Jeeves: Well, sir…..

Jeeves outlines his impeccably perfect plan for saving Bertie’s ass.

Bertie: I am so glad I hired you.

Jeeves: Indeed sir, perhaps I might perform some domestic chore for you?

Bertie: Go ahead.


This is actually one of my favorite shows.  I think the chemistry between Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie is just unbeatable.  Nonetheless, the formula is fun to poke fun at 😀

Guns n’ Roses Songs: A Chart

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Inspired by Dan Meth’s Early Beach Boys Song Topics Chart (from his series of geeky pop culture charts, which are totally awesome), I created this chart of Guns n’ Roses song topics.

click for full size

I know it’s not exhaustive; despite being a huge Gn’R fan in the past, I never accumulated their entire discography.  So I’m working with what I know.  It’s not perfect, but I find it amusing just how many songs of theirs fall into the “sex and women” category.  I could have simplified this in the interest of a funnier chart but I wanted to get everything in there somehow.  I hope you enjoy it.

And Happy Holidays.

Ace Attorney 4 (Apollo Justice) musings

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**Note: you might want to read my reviews of the first three Ace Attorney games: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.**

And so, my friends, I came to the end of the Phoenix Wright era of the Ace Attorney series and began the first DS-exclusive, new-character-led fourth game, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.  So here follow my semi-organized thoughts (positive and negative), musings, and random observations for your reading pleasure.

  • New main character!  I was a little upset to see Phoenix go, to tell you the truth.  And a little weirded-out to see him turn into a hobo piano-player and “daddy.”  Speaking of which, before I found out the “truth” about Trucy, I was like “daughter?  Maya’s? No, that can’t be!”  I think we would have gotten bored with too much Phoenix, and the writers might have eventually worn him out.  And besides, he’s still in the game.
  • Graphics! And GRAPHICS?! This being the first DS-exclusive, only-for-DS-from-its-outset title, the videos, animation, graphics / graphics’ quality (and music and sound quality) are great.  However, in some of the “flashback” cases, the graphics (and old sounds) are from the old games, and are noticeably lacking in quality.  I KNOW Capcom has better quality versions of these graphics because they use them for animated videos at the Tokyo Game Show.  Was it REALLY that hard to remaster the graphics?  I mean, you’re already being lazy by recycling, so can you at least make it blend in with the newer character graphics?  I know this is a minor issue, but it really got on my nerves for a bit.  It didn’t destroy my overall enjoyment of the game, but the disconnect was annoying.
  • Music – again, this series has GREAT music.  And there is even a music-centric case in this game, which deals with a backstage murder during a rock concert put on by your rival prosecutor’s all-lawyers-and-police band and a guest star.  It was quite fun, and I did enjoy the song, “Guitar’s Serenade.”
  • The Gavin Brothers – I remember a fangirlish friend of mine once telling me something like “Just wait ’til you get to the 4th game and get to see this gorgeous hunk of man-meat *drools, attaches picture of Klavier Gavin to email*”  Not that I feel the same way, but I do think the Gavin brothers are quite interesting characters.  Oh, more German child prodigies to add to the mix (say what you will about stereotypes of Germans but remember that in the original version they were AMERICAN!)  I had an ongoing joke with a friend about breaking Kristoph Gavin out of prison….until I got to the last case and *SPOILER ALERT* Continue reading

If fonts had personalities….

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I recently saw a really funny sketch on CollegeHumor that personified different fonts.  It was hilarious, and I liked the idea of all the fonts having a persona.  So I came up with this little bit.

It’s a really large image, so click the thumbnail to see the whole thing:

Maybe one day I’ll draw some anthropomorphized fonts, too.

Musings on Ace Attorney 1 + Phoenix Wright Artbook Humor

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Overall Impressions (parody follows later!)

So I borrowed the first Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright) game from a friend. Several other friends of mine are hooked on the series and it looked too ridiculous to pass up, so I gave it a spin.

I always used to say how corny the Ace Attorney games looked. How super-anime-like. How unlike any real legal system. But despite all this….once I tried the game, I was hooked. The games themselves are so simple…just a basic visual novel structure with a few menus and a fairly fixed storyline. Normally, those types of games on their own don’t intrigue me all that much, but the difference here is in the writing. Start with some funny, dynamic, and interesting characters with backstories and development (!!!), some nice background music (that only gets better), and intriguing, pretzel-like twisting stories developed for each trial (all of which happen to be for murder).

It was really inspiring for this former visual-novel-type-game creator to see such a “simple” game work so effectively and be so popular among both VN fans, other habitual gamers, and non-habitual-gamers (especially in the USA, where visual-novel-like games are nowhere near as popular as they are in Japan. Could it be all the reading involved?). It’s all in the writing. Given the relative simplicity of the game, I was not surprised to learn that the entire Ace Attorney core development team is only about 6 people. Capcom sure gets their moneys’ worth. However, the next game in the series (where you play the prosecution rather than the defense; it’s in development in Japan now) moves beyond the VN structure in that it appears to have controllable character sprites and a further “investigation” aspect. I’m not disappointed; it actually looks very very exciting.

As angry as most dubbing and over-localization makes me, I have to applaud Capcom’s USA team here. The vast majority of the names and humor don’t translate directly, so the localization team decided to do the best approximation without totally wrecking the sense of the original. And the humor really makes the game more enjoyable. From punny names (i.e. Winston Payne) to subculture jokes (the nerdy director of a samurai TV series talks entirely in l33t-speak) and other comedy gold (a wiretap is found in the “Gatewater Hotel”), the localization team really creates a well-written game that appeals to people outside the anime-fan-cum-gamer crowd.

So am I going to play the rest of this series? Yes.

Artbook Musings of Hilarity

*This was originally a chain email sent to some of my friends who play Phoenix Wright, in response to an artbook drawing of Miles Edgeworth in his pajamas. I can’t link the artbook scans directly, but I will provide the URL link to each picture.*

It’s really funny to think….SOMEBODY official drew that picture ’cause I’m sure something like this went down:

Boss: “Hey, look, underpaid Capcom artists, we’ve gotta get this stupid artbook together so we can make tons o’ money on something that’s half made-up of graphics already used in the game, but…there’s something new we need here. Something different….”

Artist 1: “Uh, how about something for the fangirls?”

Boss: “….Good thinking there! They will have no choice but to buy it!”

Artist 2: “Oh I drew this picture of Miles Edgeworth in his pajamas as a stupid joke but….”

Boss: “(shrieks). OH. MY. GOD. WHAT IN GOD’S NAME HAVE YOU DONE?!”

Artist 2: “Sorry…”


Artist 3: “Err, how about something like this?”

Boss: “MAYA FEY IN A SCHOOLGIRL AND MAID OUTFIT?! YOU SICK PERVERT!……I LOVE IT! THOSE FANBOYS WILL LOVE IT TOO!” **addition: my friend informed me that the maid outfit is actually a waitress outfit from one of the later games.***

More Artbook Musings

(from the same email)

Okay, yes, I haven’t played the 2nd or 3rd game yet so I might be missing something, but this picture looks SO SO wrong:

Franziska: Hey, I hear your salary is pretty low recently, but I can pay you for *something else* if you just hop inside my limo here…. *heh heh heh*

Or maybe she’s just bribing him. *rolls eyes*

Additional Fangirl-like Rant (and response)

“Oh man, I can’t wait for that *new* game they’re developing in Japan to come out…I just saw the trailer and it looks hella cool.”

***note: this refers to the new Miles Edgeworth game (tentative USA title Miles Edgeworth Perfect Prosecutor) that is in development in Japan right now****

***When my friend responded to the email, I received 3 OBJECTIONs which can be seen here and here and lastly, here. Don’t turn your volume up too loud on those.

Mock inspirational poster from “if….”

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Here’s the first of what could very easily become its own series…..non-inspirational posters using images from Lindsay Anderson’s awesome film if….(click for full size)

Poor, poor Mrs. Kemp.

I’m putting out an open call for more of these!  Sometime or another I’m going to be posting a crapload of screenshots from the movie too, so you can use those.