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Ace Attorney 4 (Apollo Justice) musings

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**Note: you might want to read my reviews of the first three Ace Attorney games: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.**

And so, my friends, I came to the end of the Phoenix Wright era of the Ace Attorney series and began the first DS-exclusive, new-character-led fourth game, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.  So here follow my semi-organized thoughts (positive and negative), musings, and random observations for your reading pleasure.

  • New main character!  I was a little upset to see Phoenix go, to tell you the truth.  And a little weirded-out to see him turn into a hobo piano-player and “daddy.”  Speaking of which, before I found out the “truth” about Trucy, I was like “daughter?  Maya’s? No, that can’t be!”  I think we would have gotten bored with too much Phoenix, and the writers might have eventually worn him out.  And besides, he’s still in the game.
  • Graphics! And GRAPHICS?! This being the first DS-exclusive, only-for-DS-from-its-outset title, the videos, animation, graphics / graphics’ quality (and music and sound quality) are great.  However, in some of the “flashback” cases, the graphics (and old sounds) are from the old games, and are noticeably lacking in quality.  I KNOW Capcom has better quality versions of these graphics because they use them for animated videos at the Tokyo Game Show.  Was it REALLY that hard to remaster the graphics?  I mean, you’re already being lazy by recycling, so can you at least make it blend in with the newer character graphics?  I know this is a minor issue, but it really got on my nerves for a bit.  It didn’t destroy my overall enjoyment of the game, but the disconnect was annoying.
  • Music – again, this series has GREAT music.  And there is even a music-centric case in this game, which deals with a backstage murder during a rock concert put on by your rival prosecutor’s all-lawyers-and-police band and a guest star.  It was quite fun, and I did enjoy the song, “Guitar’s Serenade.”
  • The Gavin Brothers – I remember a fangirlish friend of mine once telling me something like “Just wait ’til you get to the 4th game and get to see this gorgeous hunk of man-meat *drools, attaches picture of Klavier Gavin to email*”  Not that I feel the same way, but I do think the Gavin brothers are quite interesting characters.  Oh, more German child prodigies to add to the mix (say what you will about stereotypes of Germans but remember that in the original version they were AMERICAN!)  I had an ongoing joke with a friend about breaking Kristoph Gavin out of prison….until I got to the last case and *SPOILER ALERT* Continue reading

Coloring Books!

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I stopped coloring in coloring books for fun around the age of 9. The only coloring I ever did after that was on my own drawings, or with kids I was babysitting. But, after reading a hilarious post at X-Entertainment devoted to “Sh*tty He-Man Coloring Books,” I wanted to color something. Something nostalgic. From my past.

And lo and behold, I found an awesome site with all sorts of COLORING BOOK scans from cartoons, video games, and anime of the past. I did a nice picture of Super Sailor Moon (which, on second thought, has WAY too many complexities to be colored by a kid….) but that was unfortunately lost. So, lacking anything to color with at the moment, I will present to you my Corel-Paint-Crayon-Tool-colored masterpiece, “Bauhaus Mondrian Pony” (click for full size):

Happy coloring! And feel free to link to your own colored page (only 1 please) in your comment!

Mystery Date! OoOoooOoo~~

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This is a real commercial for a real board game from 1965, “Mystery Date.”

If you ask me, those girls look a little too young to be going on any date at all, much less a “mystery date.”

An updated version was made in 1972 (to replace all those squares with dudes of the longer-haired vest-wearing variety, I bet). It kept getting updated, adding multicultural boys and other stuff. “Mystery Date 2000,” which I remember, had a fake phone where the dude would call you or something.

And here’s the obligatory shameless parody (click to view fullsize):

gee I hope I don\'t end up with Mick Jagger!

The photographer is the main character from Blow-Up, notorious for his treatment of women. John Entwhistle was the extremely talented bassist for the Who. And yeah, I do play bass (and I prob’ly would steal Entwhistle’s bass).

Malcolm again.

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…Why is it that almost everything I post here has to do with A Clockwork Orange and/or Malcolm McDowell (the star of that film), by the way?

(Click image for full size)

If you don’t get it….it concerns the prevalence of nudity in McDowell’s more well-known films, namely if…, Clockwork Orange, Caligula, Britannia Hospital, and Cat People.

Talk about typecasting.

I think once a film actor/actress gets seen doing nudity in one film….it just takes off from there (and not necessarily for the better).  Helen Mirren said in an interview once that she is well-known in the UK for similarly doing a lot of roles with nudity….

And yes, the half-head visible by the camera in the ACO scene is Stanley Kubrick.