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Dumb Cars of the Noughties

Posted in cars, rants, reviews/opinions on March 31, 2010 by reccaphoenix

Everyone’s doing their best and worst of the decade lists and whatnot, it being 2010 and such, as it were.  So I thought I’d give my thoughts on something that has really bothered me the past 10 years of my existence – ugly and stupid cars and car trends.  Now, don’t get me wrong, car aesthetics have certainly improved since the 1990s for the most part, but there are quite a few styles and models of automobile introduced in the ’00s (which is pronounced “noughties,” I believe)  that really grind my gears.  So here’s an informal list of some of the worst of the worst that come to mind.  And this is only an Continue reading

Why women like Top Gear – speculation

Posted in cars, reviews/opinions, television, video with tags , , , , , , , on February 16, 2010 by reccaphoenix

The 3 presenters of Top Gear, a.k.a. one of the best shows on TV ever, in my humble opinion, appeared on this Australian TV show and discussed a whole bunch of things.  One of the topics that comes up is how women love Top Gear as much as men, and why this is so.

Jeremy Clarkson chalks it up to Richard Hammond’s supposed “sex appeal” as the nicest (and youngest) of the three, but I have some other opinions on why this show manages to appeal to women (and to non-car-lovers).  I’m not your typical female human by the way, but I think I can provide a bit of insight into this question.

  1. Blokes love cars.  Now believe me, I’m not trying to say that women go about their whole lives doing things to impress men, but there is some truth to this.  If you are a girl with a car-loving boyfriend, husband, or love interest (or even a bunch of petrolhead friends), you can always have a great time watching Top Gear with them or sharing the car knowledge you have gained by watching Top Gear.  How rare is it for there to be a program or movie that both men and women enjoy equally and can watch together without compromise?
  2. Celebrities.  I know a lot of girls who love celebrity gossip, interviews, and all that stuff.  Top Gear has a “talk show” segment in the form of its “Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car” segment, which of course these kind of people would really enjoy.
  3. Humor! This applies to male AND female non-car-people; funny stuff is always funny, whether it’s in the context of a car show or not.
  4. Charismatic presenters. These guys are just so much fun…  They may not be conventionally attractive or look like celebrities, but they make up for it with personality and a genuine love of what they do.  As for the “sex appeal” theory, I think that is presuming a bit much.  Hammond is not what I personally would call “hot,” but this has nothing to do with why he (and the other two presenters) are awesome.  And besides, I think there are many girls who appreciate a manly man’s man who loves cars and driving.  All three presenters have also been voted #1 in Heat magazine’s “weird celebrity crush” poll at various points as well.
  5. It’s just THAT good. Let’s face it, we can’t pretend that all people of a certain gender act a certain way.  The truth is that women and men both like good television, whether or not it’s about something that they stereotypically enjoy.  I know my fair share of men (straight men, mind you) who enjoy Project Runway, so does Top Gear’s appeal to women really require some justification by way of Hamster’s “sex appeal”?  Not particularly, in my opinion.

It’s kind of funny that the show had less appeal to women back when one of the presenters was female (during the old format show) than it does now….although she was a professional driver.