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Mock inspirational poster from “if….”

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Here’s the first of what could very easily become its own series…..non-inspirational posters using images from Lindsay Anderson’s awesome film if….(click for full size)

Poor, poor Mrs. Kemp.

I’m putting out an open call for more of these!  Sometime or another I’m going to be posting a crapload of screenshots from the movie too, so you can use those.

Coloring Books!

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I stopped coloring in coloring books for fun around the age of 9. The only coloring I ever did after that was on my own drawings, or with kids I was babysitting. But, after reading a hilarious post at X-Entertainment devoted to “Sh*tty He-Man Coloring Books,” I wanted to color something. Something nostalgic. From my past.

And lo and behold, I found an awesome site with all sorts of COLORING BOOK scans from cartoons, video games, and anime of the past. I did a nice picture of Super Sailor Moon (which, on second thought, has WAY too many complexities to be colored by a kid….) but that was unfortunately lost. So, lacking anything to color with at the moment, I will present to you my Corel-Paint-Crayon-Tool-colored masterpiece, “Bauhaus Mondrian Pony” (click for full size):

Happy coloring! And feel free to link to your own colored page (only 1 please) in your comment!

The “Wright” Stuff

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I really like Frank Lloyd Wright’s art and architecture. This is a little something I drew (one of my first attempts with a vector graphics program) inspired by his style:

the wright stuff.

(click for full size)

Thought about using it for a tshirt design, but decided against it. Let me know what you think!

Malcolm again.

Posted in artwork, cinema, clockwork orange, comix, shameless parody with tags on April 24, 2008 by reccaphoenix
…Why is it that almost everything I post here has to do with A Clockwork Orange and/or Malcolm McDowell (the star of that film), by the way?

(Click image for full size)

If you don’t get it….it concerns the prevalence of nudity in McDowell’s more well-known films, namely if…, Clockwork Orange, Caligula, Britannia Hospital, and Cat People.

Talk about typecasting.

I think once a film actor/actress gets seen doing nudity in one film….it just takes off from there (and not necessarily for the better).  Helen Mirren said in an interview once that she is well-known in the UK for similarly doing a lot of roles with nudity….

And yes, the half-head visible by the camera in the ACO scene is Stanley Kubrick.