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Malcolm again.

Posted in artwork, cinema, clockwork orange, comix, shameless parody with tags on April 24, 2008 by reccaphoenix
…Why is it that almost everything I post here has to do with A Clockwork Orange and/or Malcolm McDowell (the star of that film), by the way?

(Click image for full size)

If you don’t get it….it concerns the prevalence of nudity in McDowell’s more well-known films, namely if…, Clockwork Orange, Caligula, Britannia Hospital, and Cat People.

Talk about typecasting.

I think once a film actor/actress gets seen doing nudity in one film….it just takes off from there (and not necessarily for the better).  Helen Mirren said in an interview once that she is well-known in the UK for similarly doing a lot of roles with nudity….

And yes, the half-head visible by the camera in the ACO scene is Stanley Kubrick.

Roman Holiday

Posted in artwork, comix, merchandise, shameless parody, television on April 18, 2008 by reccaphoenix

I was recently in gorgeous Italy (Venice and Rome). It was wonderful. I may attempt to post some pictures from the trip.

Here’s a little doodle….click for full size.

I recently started re-reading The 12 Caesars, a great little piece of history writing by Suetonius detailing the lives of….the caesars….with plenty of attention paid to their personal lives >: ) It goes to prove that things you’re forced to read within a month in high school really suck at the time, but when you can take your time with them and not have to memorize crap they can be quite enjoyable.

And speaking of Caligula, so much of his stuff survives in Rome today. St. Peter’s in the Vatican is actually built on top of his circus (which was later Nero’s circus). So, yes, I saw Caligula’s obelisk.

© Recca Phoenix 2008

Who are my favorite Caesars?

1. Augustus (of course.)

2. Julius Caesar.

Time & Place

Posted in advertising, artwork, cinema, clockwork orange, kitsch on March 29, 2008 by reccaphoenix

I just watched Helvetica, (I highly recommend it for anyone remotely interested in any aspect of design) and it really got me thinking about some of the more “invisible” factors that give away what decade something comes from. So I did a markup sheet of some “Reccalux™” (my “movie studio”) logo/ad things. I would love to hear your suggestions and comments. The ’60s one was hard to do, and the font, Timepiece, is actually from the ’70s (it was used for the title of A Clockwork Orange).

I didn’t really do any research, though. I feel like I should’ve.

(click for full size)
’60s modernist/early ’90s/’70s modernist/’50s commercial art styles (an attempt)
©2008 by Recca Phoenix

Oh, Textbook Cover Art! Part I – language textbooks

Posted in advertising, artwork, japan, rants, reviews/opinions, shameless parody, textbooks on January 14, 2008 by reccaphoenix

Foreign language textbook covers to me seem to consist of three main types:

  1. A collage of various positive stereotypes, landscapes, traditional costumes of the country, etc. (These books’ titles are usually “Hello!” or “Friends!” or something in the language…)

2. A more modern (yet usually 10 years out-of-date) photo of modern, hip, smiling kids/adults from the country in question. (Your typical high school language book…) And they’re usually from a variety of ethnicities. Biggest stretch: My friend’s Swedish textbook had a black man and an East Asian woman on the cover. Sweden is almost entirely white. I can’t find a picture of it, though….so you’ll have to use your imagination 😛 Continue reading

Textbook Mishaps, or, “Wiener Coffee.” TV gaijin.

Posted in artwork, comix, japan, rants, television, textbooks with tags , , , , , , , , , on November 15, 2007 by reccaphoenix

reccaspriteI’ve come across some interesting textbooks in my day. Yep. I’ll save my rants about textbook cover art for another post, though. Today I’m talking about mistakes and odd illustrations and other nifty stuff.

A Japanese book I once had featured a fake sample menu from a cafe. One of the items was something called “Vienna Coffee” which in Japanese is Uinna Koohii ウィンナコーヒー. This Vienna Coffee was on the menu twice, once as hot and once as ice. But a printing mistake had been made….the second time it was mentioned it was written Uinnaa Koohii (Wiener Coffee, or Hot Dog Coffee) ウィンナーコーヒー.  Note that the first one does not have a longer-held “na” while the second one does. Continue reading

Halloween Report and New Theme Banners

Posted in artwork, cinema, clockwork orange, rants, site news/maintenance on October 31, 2007 by reccaphoenix

The actual run of my much-discussed Clockwork Orange costume went fairly well.

But I digress…  now that Halloween is over  , I needed a new theme header. So I made a winter one of me wearing my favorite crochet project, my kitty-ears hat.

Yes, I like winter because it means legwarmers/scarves/crocheted things/hats season, all of which are some of my favorite clothing items. Look forward to an upcoming December header for everyone’s favorite invented winter non-religious holiday, 47 RONIN DAY.

All artwork (c) 2007 Recca Phoenix Co.

A Clockwork Orange…the video game?

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The other night I had the strangest dream, that I was playing some cute pixellated gameboy advance-looking Clockwork Orange video game on a gameboy or something. As dreams often do, this one seemed to confuse the actual events of the movie…For some reason the setting was an island and a castle town. 0_o? Well, it made perfect sense when I was dreaming it anway.

This is *an artist’s* cruddy rendering of sort of what the game looked like in my dream except it’s closer to the actual movie:


And now for something else: If this WAS to be done, what kind of genre would it best fit into?…..

  • Text Adventure: I could see this possibly working out, but there’s the “language” barrier. But of course the hilarious possibility of having something like this ensue….


>>give money to hobo



  • RPG: No way, it would be ridiculous, don’t even wanna discuss it.
  • VN (Visual Novel): Well, something I could actually program myself. But I’m not a creative enough artist and it would be more of the same thing as the film… And if you tried to throw in choices or something…. it would be as ridiculous as the example I was talking about for a text adventure…
  • Beat-em-up: Hell yes! I could TOTALLY see this game being like Streets of Rage or Final Fight. You could sort of expand the gang warfare aspect of the story… It might end up being like Grand Theft Auto or something…. but of course all of that has to come to an end when Alex gets caught.
  • GTA clone: Again, hell yes! What genre was better made to handle ultraviolence, eh? >: )
  • Fighting game: Well….there’s a FEW characters you could use, but I could only see this working out if it was something like…. (laughs evilly >: D Read the rest of this post and find out my evil plan! Continue reading