About Me

I am a female human being with too many creative and intellectual hobbies and interests that don’t really go anywhere and which bear no relation to what I do for a living.  So I’m basically a renaissance woman with ADD.

I live in the USA and I like music, film, nonfiction books, the occasional comic book, and video games.

I used to sometimes spell words the British way “accidentally” because I thought it was cool, so I apologize if you see any of that on older posts on this site.

I like long walks on the beach and smelling clean laundry when no one is looking.

My favorite Disney Princess is Aurora because she has an owl friend and she could take care of herself out in the woods like a boss.  I also like Tiana because she is a hardworking and no-nonsense modern girl with great taste in music.  3rd runner-up: Rapunzel, because she has a lot of artsy hobbies like me.

…and other random facts.

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