I am a phoenix…

So, it’s time for some reinvention and revision.  I am a phoenix, after all, and this is what we do.

I’m cleaning up to remove some IP that does not belong to me or is not properly credited.  I am at the same time thinking of turning this blog into something else or giving it more focus.  If you see posts or images missing, this is the reason.

I am still not likely to update this blog frequently…or at all…but who knows what the future may bring.

When I started this blog and Latin Baby, I had a lot of time, few friends, and the wide-eyed ambition of a young college student with too many creative hobbies and not much focus.  Becoming an adult and going to professional school has taken away a lot of free time, but also focused it onto the things that I did not have when I was younger: love, friends, a career path, and my health and fitness.  I noticed that I rarely write in my diary anymore either.  I think that the real world has largely come to fill the space that my diary and web activity used to, and that’s a good thing.I could not have imagined that I would end up in a non-creative, non-artistic field, but here I am, for better or worse.  Also, my copy of Photoshop stopped working and I have not blown the $70 to get a new one.  So drawing doesn’t happen much anymore.

To all who love(d) this blog, I thank you so much.  I hope that I have contributed something to your life, however small.  Who knows what the future may bring, and I may post again someday.  Keep me in your hearts and your RSS feed…just in case.

Much love,

Your humble narrator,

R. Phoenix

P.S. I totally just found out that there is a real company called “Reccasoft” now so there goes my ideal game company name if I ever decided to make video games.  LOL.

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