Gundam Drinking Games: MS Gundam and Zeta Gundam Edition

If you couldn’t tell by my last post, Boyfriend and I have been on a Gundam kick lately. Well, it’s more my fault. I wanted to watch Char’s Counterattack because it is so acclaimed, but Boyfriend said that I needed to finish MS Gundam and its sequel Zeta Gundam first or I wouldn’t understand it. So we’ve spent a lot of the past month marathonning Gundam at various points. And then I got into another one of my periodic anime-watching phases, it being Spring Break and whatnot, and started watching the fantastic steampunky-alternate-universe Turn A Gundam concurrently with Zeta. I’ll probably end up watching every series by Tomino (the creator of the original series) someday.


Photo by Flickr user Bryoz

Anyhow, because I posted the Gundam Wing Drinking Game after my previous rewatching-a-Gundam-show experience, and because the other day a party fell through and I ended up inventing a Zeta Gundam drinking game with Boyfriend, I thought I’d share two more fabulous Gundam drinking games.
A “point” can be whatever you want it to be, based on the strength of your alcohol of choice. A sip, a shot, a whole glass….whatever. Feel free to inform me of the results of your fun times with these games. I designed them for watching around, oh, four or five episodes in a sitting. If you go for a longer marathon, proceed with caution.
Disclaimer for the niños: if you are not legally old enough to drink alcohol, don’t drink alcohol. Play this game with refreshing, delicious water instead.

Zeta Gundam Drinking Game

  • 2 points for every face slap or face punch (there are way more here than in MS Gundam, so proceed with caution).
  • 1 point every time somebody says that Kamille has a girl’s name
  • 1 point every time somebody implores Kamille to be a man or act like a man.
  • 2 point penalty drink if you so much as snicker when hearing a character say the name “Quattro Bajeena” (this one gets me every time).
  • 1 point for every mention of the events of the previous series (in however much detail you deem appropriate).
  • 1 point each time you see recycled animation
  • (optional: 1 point when Kamille whines that nobody understands him)

…..and now for the ’70s one:

Mobile Suit Gundam Drinking Game

  • 1 point for every use of a recycled Gundam transformation sequence (excluding the opening theme) [OR every moment that seems explicity designed to sell a toy].
  • 3 points for every face slap or face punch.
  • 2 points for every Mirai Yashima romance moment
  • 1 point for any character’s surprise at how the Gundam does not blow up with one hit
  • 1 point for every time anyone acts creepy or fanboyish around Matilda-san
  • 1 point for Kai Shiden snark. Extra point if he gets slapped or punched in retaliation for the snark.
  • 1 point for every time Fraw Bow brings Amuro food, tells him to take a shower, or mommies him in some other way.
  • 2 points for every awkward eating scene
  • 1 point for the pack-o’-orphans making a contribution to the outcome of battle.
  • 2 points for awkward shower/bath scene.
  • 1 point penalty drink for every time anyone says “huh?”/”what?”/wtf at any psychedelic trippiness.
  • (optional: 2 point penalty drink if you laugh at the Guntank or any other silly mech)

I hope you have a grand ol’ time with these games!

Remember, kids, Sleggar Law sez: “Drink responsibly and remember to slap a bitch if he/she gets outta line.”

–Recca 3/17/13

One Response to “Gundam Drinking Games: MS Gundam and Zeta Gundam Edition”

  1. Hi.

    You probably remember me as the shitty little weeb that used to frequent the Lemmasoft forums(I think my username was “Sailor Kitty” at the time). You extended a hand as I was cast off into a _really_ shitty situation, only to retreive it when I become the must ungodly weaboo to ever be unleashed on the Tezuka fandom. This is understandable, as you managed to catch me during a time period when I had discovered “teh yaoiz” and was kinda sorta really fucked up(As in, ‘repressed all the bad things so that sad feelings never had to exist’), and was suuuuuuper awkward.

    So your blog stumbled up on google when I was curious about wether or not there existed some sort of Rose Of Versailles/Les Mis crossover, and I thought I’d like to try to talk to you again, if you don’t want to talk, that’s fine and you can just ignore this email.

    I’d like you to know at least a bit about the circumstances that I was placed in, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Things were pretty shit, and I’m worried that you wouldn’t belive me or think I was trying to manipulate you, because it’s a cross between Kafka and Dickens and I’ve seen enough people playing the sympathy card in order to make people do stuff for them. So if you’re curious, you may ask. If you’re not, don’t.

    If you’re wondering what I’m up to these days: I still draw and stuff, and I still like Tezuka. I’ve studied Japanese to the point where I’m able to read Big X, and French to the point where I can read Ikki Mandara.

    Take care, whereever life takes ya!

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