Update from beyond the grave circumstances of being busy

Hullo everyone, Recca Phoenix here again.  Gee, this year has been busy.  I’ve had almost no time [or interesting things with which] to update this blog, and Latin Baby is suffering even more.  But I have some exciting news.

1. I finished another film.  A real one.  An experimental film.

2. Said film is to be shown at a prestigious film archive as part of a student film show.  I won something and I feel like a legitimate artist now.  I cried when I heard the news, I was so happy.  Said film may or may not be posted online somewhere for your viewing pleasure in the future.

3. I have a twitter account now.  Allow me to provide the appropriate classic rock quote: “and I’m waiting for you to follow me” (-The Who, “I’m Free”, Tommy)

4. My main store should receive an update sooner or later.  The other stores are also overdue for updates….


2 Responses to “Update from beyond the grave circumstances of being busy”

  1. Wow! Does this mean that you’ll be an actor now? Or a director(but not like Uwe Boll, of course)? 😀

    This is really cool, congratulations! (Oh, and late merry X-mas, and happy new year, ^^)

  2. Kitty, I should HOPE I’m a better director than Uwe Boll. But I think even a chimpanzee could direct a better film than him 😛

    Happy new year to yourself too ❤

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