Amazing Pete Townshend quotation

“I wasn’t tough enough to be a member of a gang, not good-lookin’ enough to be in with the birds, not clever enough to make it at school, not good enough with the feet to be a good football player. I was a loser.
*cheer from the crowd*
And, uh, I think everybody feels that way at some point. And somehow, bein’ a mod, even though I was too old to be a mod, really, kinda got me right there.  And I wrote this song with that in mind.  Jimmy, the uh, hero of the story, is kinda thinkin’ he hasn’t got much goin’ for himself, but at least he’s, uh, ‘one.'”
– Pete Townshend of The Who introducing the song “I’m One” in Largo, Maryland in 1973 (Quadrophenia Tour).

This little gem came off a Who live bootleg, Taking the Capitol, recorded at the Capitol Centre in Largo, Maryland back in ’73.  It’s not the best recording or the best performance, but it does have a very prominent bass and some wonderful snippets of Townshend explaining Quadrophenia.

I can really relate to that quote, though.  Quadrophenia changed my life.  I finally had something to relate to for my various identity crises and struggle to be a mod.  And mod has been the only subculture I’ve been involved in that I really clicked with and didn’t make me feel like a poser trying to assert myself.

What can I say, they’re my favourite band.  And they always will be.


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