The Gundam Wing Drinking Game

Recently my friends and I undertook the epic task of watching New Mobile Report Gundam Wing in its 49-episode entirety over 6 days.  I loved this show when I was younger, both for the political intrigue and for the interesting characters….and the giant robots, of course.  I used to build a lot of Gundam models, actually.

Anyway, the show wasn’t quite as awesome as I remembered, although watching the English dub (which can be awkward at times) takes away from the experience somewhat.  Anyway, we spent roughly half of our viewing time making (sober) obscene/non-obscene comments at the show, mostly related to innuendo, pseudoscience, Catherine Bloom’s trailer-trash-ness and valley girl voice, and silly dramatic poses…as well as swooning over Milliardo Peacecraft.

*Warning: the rest of the post may not be appropriate for readers under 13.****

And in the process of this hilarious commentary, we decided to come up with the fabulous GUNDAM WING DRINKING GAME, which I will provide here for your entertainment.  Note that Recca does not endorse the drinking of alcohol.  I don’t even think you need it to have a blast re-watching Gundam Wing….a lot of the stuff is hilarious anyway, especially if you have a warped mind like Recca’s friends do.

The Gundam Wing Drinking Game

Take a drink….

  1. Whenever a character says “It’s a Gundam!”
  2. Whenever Wu Fei says the word “integrity.”
  3. Whenever there is innuendo between Treize and Lady Une.
  4. Whenever Quatre does something badass.
  5. Whenever Heero says “I’ll kill you” to Relena or points a gun at her.
  6. Whenever Relena looks profoundly into the distance/out a window and sighs “Heero….”

4 Responses to “The Gundam Wing Drinking Game”

  1. result of game : death by alcohol intoxication

    haha..i just realised we have no shot for Duo when he does something …

  2. Sailor Kitty Says:


    It’s too bad I’m the only Gundam fan in my area, otherwise I’d totally try this. (Not with alchohol, mind you. Tea is the way to go.)

    Wish I had the money to get that DVD, but I had to go and blow it all on comics, .___.

  3. This gundam serie is the best. I cannot forget my initial time watching Gundam Wing then know about japan mobile gundam. Hope to have much more great gundam serie in the future

  4. […] because I posted the Gundam Wing Drinking Game after my previous rewatching-a-Gundam-show experience, and because the other day a party fell […]

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