Ace Attorney 3 Musings

Note: You might also want to read my reviews of the first and second Ace Attorney games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All.

So, I played the 3rd Ace Attorney game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations (another long title), and was quite impressed.  I really enjoyed it for many reasons, which I will list for you, along with the issues I had with the game.
*Warning: spoilers follow*

  • The Mask*DeMasque case was very entertaining.  As if Detective Gumshoe didn’t already remind me a lot of Inspector Zenigata from Lupin III…..when he was getting angry after they failed to keep Mask*DeMasque out of the safe at the beginning of the case, all I could hear in my head was the English dub voice of Zenigata shouting “I’ll get you next time, Lupin!”  Now we know a good candidate for Gumshoe’s English voice actor, if he ever gets one.  I kind of wish they would make an Ace Attorney game for the Wii with full voice acting.  You KNOW it would be fun to point your wii controller dramatically at the screen and go “OBJECTION!”
  • Playing as Mia was pretty cool, as was getting to see her as a novice lawyer.  I was so used to seeing Mia as the confident omnipotent mentor figure.  Seeing her face off against young Edgeworth was also great.  Speaking of which…
  • Young Edgeworth! More background on everyone’s favourite character.  We get to see him in a different outfit, which is much less gay but still a bit funny-looking.  It definitely shows the influence of his mentor.  Yes, maybe that’s who he got his bad fashion sense from.  And/or his father….every picture we’ve seen of him has shown him dressed in some ridiculous outfit….that he probably didn’t even pick out for himself XD  But I’m getting distracted here.  Anyhow, I think I prefer Edgeworth in his princey-looking outfit here.
  • More Edgeworth! Not only do we get to see Edgeworth again (he has been overseas….but where?  Maybe in Germany with Franziska ^_~), you get to play as him!  This was quite entertaining.  Edgeworth’s interaction with Gumshoe parallels the Phoenix/Maya dynamic in some ways, and is oftentimes even more hilarious.  The trademark Edgeworth cool attitude is also entertaining.  For example, when playing as Phoenix, if you make a mistake in the trial, Phoenix will usually do the trademark embarrassed anime hand-behind-head pose or something similarly unflattering.  Edgeworth, on the other hand, will try to finagle his way verbally around the player’s selection of incorrect evidence, and just sort of shrugs it off when the judge shoots him down, usually with some kind of comment like “Oh, so this is how Wright feels most of the time, I guess.”
  • The Last Case! As I said before, playing as Edgeworth!  Phoenix’s mysterious past!  Maya and Phoenix!  Franziska vs. Edgeworth (man, it’s the most epic battle EVER, and we get to see them interact more, hooray!) And some of the best writing I’ve seen so far.  I found myself laughing out loud far more than I usually do while playing this game.  I think this case is my new favourite, followed closely by the last case of the 2nd game, and the 4th case of the 1st game.  My fangirling prevents me from being more specific about the details.  Just play the game.  You’ll see.
  • What a great ending for the Phoenix era of the Ace Attorney games.  I think we can say that about this game in general too.  Well, it isn’t a true end, I guess, because Edgeworth’s game, Gyakuten Kenji, will be coming out in mid-2009, but that will be a different type of game.  And it will be Edgeworth and not Phoenix.  I have high hopes for it though, and I’m undecided over whether I wait for the USA localization of the game or give in and buy the Japanese version in the spring when it comes out.  This is not made easier by the fact that I will most likely be in Japan when the game comes out.  And even though I can read Japanese, I am attached to the US localization and the characters, PLUS I don’t know any legal terminology except the quintessential “IGI ARI!” (Objection!)  But I digress….
  • GODOT.  I must say, he’s the least annoying of all the prosecutors.  His offensive actions are more subtle, and his attitude is more laid back.  He even has a coffee-house-jazz-like theme music…which matches his coffee addiction.  And sounds really cool.  Coffee is sort of an odd quirk, considering how calm he is.  But who knows, maybe he has massive ADHD and he controls it with massive quantities of caffeine.  I think Godot should just walk around with a coffee I.V. and save himself the trouble of drinking 17 cups.  By the way, I bet his teeth are brown as heck.  How did Mia deal with that?!

“I really think you should get your teeth whitened, Diego.”

“They’d have to use so much that I could never afford it, kitten <3”

“I wish you wouldn’t drink so much.  Coffee, that is.”


“Oh no, you’re going into caffeine withdrawal again….here, take this Starbucks gift card!  It’s all I’ve got! *sniffle*”

“Excellent….*snatches card*….and by the way, I used up all your coffee, you’d better buy some more before I get home, or else…”


Poor Mia….

So anyway, despite all his laid-back-coffee-lull-ness, and his less-annoying-than-other-prosecutors quality, Godot feels a little…boring.  He’s just not as exciting a character as Edgeworth, or Franziska, or Satan Manfred von Karma.  But he’s there whether we like it or not, because they needed a different prosecutor to fill the void created by death/soul-searching/travel.

  • Evil b**ch Dahlia Hawthorne.  Seriously.  This girl is so annoying.  It says a lot about good chara development when you can hate a character SO MUCH.
  • Maggey x Gumshoe. Too cute for words.
  • Stupid young Phoenix.  He looks super-gay (in all three senses of the word) in that dumb pink heart sweater that evil bitch, er, Dahlia, er, Iris-pretending-to-be-Dahlia made for him.  He acts like a total goofball (I kept wondering how he ended up as present-day Phoenix, he seemed so different…), maybe because he is in WUV or something.  And not only that….in WUV with DAHLIA of all people.  So aggravating.  Good thing he changed himself.  That’s all I have to say.  Although….after the dramatic reveal of Case # The Final (to use the Engrish expression), we know that he was actually dating Iris-Dahlia most of the time.  Iris being an adorable sweetie, we can see why he fell in love with her later….but the initial love-at-first-sight thing still doesn’t fly with me.

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