‘Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul’ is awesome.

As I have said several times before, the video games from the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright series have pretty great music compared with the usual stuff that comes out of the speakers on your DS/GBA.  And man oh man does it sound even nicer when it’s fully arranged, as on the “Gyakuten Meets Orchestra” album.

And even better is another album of real-instrument arrangements called “Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul,” which features a whole bunch of great tracks from the game in a chill jazz swingin’ style.  This is an album I’d recommend even to those who have never played a video game.  It’s that good.  If you like jazz or lounge, that is.  Being a big fan of these styles of music myself, I loved this album (in case you haven’t guessed that already).  So don’t hesitate a moment longer.  Get this album now here.

Here’s another general thing about GMJS (as I will refer to it for the rest of this article) that I really dig.  Hip, modern/mod people like myself are often reluctant to admit that we play/really get into video games at all, much less listen to music from them habitually.  But this album can rub shoulders comfortably with my collection of lounge/jazz music and provide a wonderfully luxurious bachelorette-pad atmosphere just as nicely.  It’s a nice way to resolve that particular conflicting-personalities-type-quadrophenia issue of mine (the others will have to wait).

I bet Godot listens to this type of music.  I suspect it goes nicely with his coffee.

Album cover art. Classy.

I don’t think the seagulls and beach thing are very jazzy, they remind me more of the whole smooth-jazz thing, probably because of Keiko Matsui’s A Drop of Water album.  However, this is still an amusing and well-thought-out cover.  Kudos to the artists for throwing the jazziest guy in the series, Godot, in there.  What is he standing on, though?  Is that supposed to be Gourdy?  A pipe?  A rock?  I can’t figure it out.  Phoenix’s expression is priceless.  Maybe the seagull thought his spiky head was a rock it could sit on.  Maya is typical Maya, it’s interesting to see her in something other than her uniform.  And bravo bravo for putting Edgeworth on bass.  Not only does it totally fit his personality, it’s cool *to me* because *I* play bass and coincedentally Edgeworth is one of my favourite characters.

And by the way, swingers and squares, I would love to hear your opinion of this album/favourite tracks, so comment away.

Now where did I put my cocktail shaker?….

Recca 10/28/08


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