Ace Attorney 2 Musings and Commentary

(You might want to read my review of the 1st Ace Attorney game)

So, after cheating with an FAQ/walkthrough for much of the last case, I finally finished the 2nd Ace Attorney game, ‘Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All” (long titles, eh?  In Japan it’s just called “Gyakuten Saiban 2”).  Yes, I was going to complain about the lack of DS-exclusiveness (the last game had a “special case” at the end with a lot of neat gadgets, courtesy of an investigator-in-training named Ema Skye).  Until I played the last case, which is my favourite Phoenix Wright case of all time so far.  It was exciting, it brought in all the best characters, and it showed us that Miles Edgeworth….  oh, wait a minute!  I can’t say that, because that would be a spoiler 😛  And I promise you, girls and boys, there will be no (major) spoilers in this review without a fair warning beforehand.

The clever writing and localization continue with this game, which is a good thing or a bad thing (depending on how much you like the Japanese game and/or care about all the references in the Japanese game).  Personally, I’d rather play something entertaining.  Yes, this is contrary to my normal position on matters like these.  Big deal.

More things:

  • von Karma: Satan, er, I mean, Manfred von Karma, is gone.  Dead (or at least on death row?)  And in his place, we get his daughter Franziska von Karma, who is totally badass and super-interesting….as well as aggravating.  But nowhere near as f***ing awful as her daddy.  I like her.
  • Pearly: Pearl Fey is too cute 🙂  And I love how Phoenix, Maya, and Pearl are all like one big happy family.  But when Pearl channels  the spirit of Mia Fey (her deceased cousin), causing her appearance to change….the clothes don’t *quite* fit Mia very well.  Pure unadulterated fanservice.  Mia was always showing a bit of cleavage in all her incarnations, but this is the worst by far XD  Erin Brockovich?
  • That cool music. Someone tell me what it’s called “Mitsurugi Reiji – Great Revival”….that music that plays when Edgeworth shows up.  It’s all dramatic and stuff.  I really like it.
  • The rest of these have spoilers.  You have been warned.
  • Miles Edgeworth: He isn’t dead/missing forever!  Hooray!  I was starting to miss Mr. Edgeworth after I dealt with Satan Manfred von Karma in the first game, and because he’s pretty cool in general (even his Japanese name, Reiji Mitsurugi, sounds all cool and samurai-like).  But then once he actually started working against me in a case….oh, all the other thoughts I’d had came flooding back.  I’d forgotten how pretentious that bastard was.  Outside of court, he’s just fine, but once I get into the courtroom I want to strangle him with that stupid frilly shirt.  Grrrr!  On the plus side, after Edgeworth’s long hiatus (in which he had a major change of thought), he is more congenial (outside of court) and considerate.  And another big plus – all his interactions with Franziska are just great.  They are too cute for words.  So in the end… Yay Edgeworth!  But also…. *groan* oh man, Edgeworth.  Get a life.  AND A NEW SHIRT!  GOD JESUS!
  • The 4th case: Franziska, Edgeworth, Phoenix – all working together in the end!  Maya in trouble (Phoenix getting all upset for her sake!).  Suspense everywhere.  The return of several wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) characters from the first game for our enjoyment (or for maximum sprite usage, maybe).  Like I said, my favourite so far.  So that last part at the end….where you have to give *something* to Edgeworth – if someone I know hadn’t told me what to do, I would never have thought to give him the whip.  Because this was the reaction I anticipated.
  • Funniest misread line ever – This is actually from the first game, but it’s still relevant.  I was scrolling thru text while playing Phoenix Wright, and I scrolled through one line kind of fast.  Not getting a chance to read it throroughly, I SWEAR what my brain thought I read was: “Edgeworth has a bad reputation.  Forging evidence, making out with witnesses….”  say WHAT?!?!  Unfortunately I couldn’t go back and read the line again.  So who knows, maybe it said that?  (Disclaimer – I know it didn’t really say that, but play along here so I can be funny 😛 ).  That sly fox.  Oh sure he pretends to be all ennui and disinterested around everyone else BUT I BET HE REALLY GETS AROUND with all them vulnerable crime witness types.  After all doesn’t he say later… “I used every dirty trick in the book to get a guilty verdict.”

5 Responses to “Ace Attorney 2 Musings and Commentary”

  1. Wait until you play the other AA games. You will be *amazed*! Like the last case in Trials and Tribulations….crap, that would be a spoiler. But it is one of the most epic cases in the series.

  2. I’m playing T&T (the 3rd AA game, for those of you who aren’t in on this :P) right now, and it IS good! I haven’t gotten to this supposedly-epic 3rd case yet, but I love the game so far. I’m just a little sad that it’s the last game with Phoenix in it T_T;
    I hope the change of main character won’t do the same thing to AA that “Ashes to Ashes” did to “Life on Mars” (and I’m referring to the TV shows there, not the Bowie songs).

  3. catchan1980 Says:

    So that last part at the end….where you have to give *something* to Edgeworth – if someone I know hadn’t told me what to do, I would never have thought to give him the whip. >> Hi! Guess what?? I never even thought of the whip! Now I have to play again…:P

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