“Juno” and “Georgy Girl”


Juno, which came out last year, is a great little film. Georgy Girl from 1966 is also a great film. I wonder, had Diablo Cody seen Georgy Girl when she decided to write the screenplay for Juno? As far as their plots go, they’re almost the exact reverse of each other.

Awkward Juno gets pregnant by her awkward boyfriend Paulie and doesn’t want an abortion. She decides to adopt out her baby to Mark and Vanessa, a rich couple. Juno loves her boyfriend but he has started dating another girl. She’s a bit jealous. BUT…..Mark falls in love with Juno and divorces his wife. In the end, Juno has the baby and gives it to now-single Vanessa, and gets back together with Paulie. Everyone’s happy.

Georgy lives with her irresponsible friend Meredith, who goes out a lot and often cheats on her loving boyfriend Jos. Georgy is a single and awkward young preschool teacher who loves kids. Georgy’s dad’s boss James is a lot older than Georgy and seems to like her (despite being a married man) but nothing comes of it (not YET anyway). Meredith tells Jos she’s pregnant and asks what to do. She’s had a few abortions before. Jos is a little shocked about these theoretical kids of his she got rid of. Meredith decides to have the baby. Georgy and Jos are ecstatic about the future kid, watching videos and reading books with the fervor of a newlywed couple. Meredith is miserable and not too excited about being a mother. Meanwhile, James’s wife dies and he asks Georgy to be his mistress. She accepts, but only to get the money needed to buy things for Meredith’s baby. BUT….Georgy and Jos have been spendng a lot of time together. Jos has fallen in love with Georgy (and out of love with Meredith). They go to see Meredith in the hospital the day after she delivers. She doesn’t want the baby, so they adopt it and start living together. But Jos doesn’t want to be a father. He finds his new life terribly dull. Eventually he and Georgy split. Georgy decides to marry James so that she can continue to care for the baby she’s always wanted. Everyone’s happy.


So in a way, Juno could be a modern-day spin on Georgy Girl. But they are different kinds of films in the end, with different kinds of protagonists.

So, opinion time. Do you think that Juno was influenced by Georgy Girl? Which film or protagonist do you like better (if you’ve seen them both)?


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