Roman Holiday

I was recently in gorgeous Italy (Venice and Rome). It was wonderful. I may attempt to post some pictures from the trip.

Here’s a little doodle….click for full size.

I recently started re-reading The 12 Caesars, a great little piece of history writing by Suetonius detailing the lives of….the caesars….with plenty of attention paid to their personal lives >: ) It goes to prove that things you’re forced to read within a month in high school really suck at the time, but when you can take your time with them and not have to memorize crap they can be quite enjoyable.

And speaking of Caligula, so much of his stuff survives in Rome today. St. Peter’s in the Vatican is actually built on top of his circus (which was later Nero’s circus). So, yes, I saw Caligula’s obelisk.

© Recca Phoenix 2008

Who are my favorite Caesars?

1. Augustus (of course.)

2. Julius Caesar.


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