Review – “Flawless” (2008)

I finally went to go see Flawless. It wasn’t as good as I would’ve liked it to be, but compared to Rififi, all other jewel heist movies look bland by comparison.

However, the film did pull a few unexpected plot turns later in the unfolding of things that made it quite different from your average heist story. Unfortunately, the film’s sense of suspense suffers in order to make it this way. With the exception of one or two well-edited (and quite humorous) sequences detailing the heist itself, the film is not an edge-of-your-seat thriller. The pacing is so-so; it takes too long to establish Demi Moore’s character’s unhappiness with her situation in the beginning, and for Michael Caine’s character to enter.

The art direction is very good without being ostentatiously so, really giving you the feel of the late ’50s. It’s not “mod” in the subculture sense, but fans of modernism will be very pleased by the costuming, set design, and architecture. Some nice jazz pieces are also included.

Michael Caine is quite good as aged janitor Hobbs. Caine uses his signature unhidden working-class English. The character’s joviality becomes quite menacing later in the film, really giving him some more depth, but I feel like the script could have fleshed him out some more. Moore is mediocre at best; her character is American but has been living in England for a while, a detail that makes me highly suspicious – perhaps the writers were trying to cover up for her perhaps questionable British accent?

Overall, the film does as much as can be done with somewhat-bland script material and subject matter. It’s a good film to rent if you really love the time period, mysteries, or Michael Caine, but don’t expect anything stellar.

Rating: 6 of 10

-Recca 4/7/08


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