Time & Place

I just watched Helvetica, (I highly recommend it for anyone remotely interested in any aspect of design) and it really got me thinking about some of the more “invisible” factors that give away what decade something comes from. So I did a markup sheet of some “Reccalux™” (my “movie studio”) logo/ad things. I would love to hear your suggestions and comments. The ’60s one was hard to do, and the font, Timepiece, is actually from the ’70s (it was used for the title of A Clockwork Orange).

I didn’t really do any research, though. I feel like I should’ve.

(click for full size)
’60s modernist/early ’90s/’70s modernist/’50s commercial art styles (an attempt)
©2008 by Recca Phoenix

One Response to “Time & Place”

  1. I am so going to use TIMEPIECE for my Fall Faith In Magic splash page! I will check out HELVETICA.

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