SEQUEL TO THE GRADUATE! *hyperventilates*

The Graduate (USA/Int’l release poster)**Warning – if you don’t like spoilers and haven’t read or seen The Graduate, don’t read this post.***


The guy who wrote the book of The Graduate (on which the film, one of my favorites, is based) just finished a sequel, Home School, which features the return of Ben and Elaine (in their happily married life 10 years later) and….Mrs. Robinson (who I presume is now pretty old!).

***UPDATE (7/19/08): I’ve posted my review of Home School.*****

No idea if a film will come out…. I heard that the guy who directed “Trainspotting” was waiting for his actors to age enough physically before he makes a sequel.  Maybe something similar is going on here.  As far as I know, the main three characters’ actors are still alive…. 🙂

Oh wait….dammn…..Anne Bancroft died 3 years ago.  Crap.

Well, then, no film.  But that’s just fine with me.

*****UPDATE: The author put off publishing the book for so long because he was waiting for the film rights held by a certain company to any sequels to The Graduate to expire.  There probably won’t be a film anytime soon.*****


2 Responses to “SEQUEL TO THE GRADUATE! *hyperventilates*”

  1. […] Home School (Sequel to “The Graduate”): My Opinion (This is about Charles Webb’s book Home School, the sequel to The Graduate that I was really excited about in an earlier post.) […]

  2. I just read HOME SCHOOL-and re-seen the movie THE GRADUATE.
    The character Goya is EVEN WORSE than Mrs. Robinson.
    But Mrs Robinson-A.K.A. Nan is still a bit conneiving still.
    If it’s a movie-will Simon&Garfunkel write the score for THAT?
    And will Dustin and Katherine play Ben AND Elaine?
    Who ever plays Mrs. Robinson-better be good as Anne Bancroft was.
    But no one can EVER Mrs. Mel Brooks’ lovely wife. R.I.P. Anne.

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