Clockwork Orange – new DVD + Alex’s OTHER favorite music

So one of my favourite new Xmas presents was the new special edition DVD of A Clockwork Orange….Malcolm McDowell’s commentary really makes it interesting! While watching the film through again, I noticed this….


^ ^This is the tape Alex removes from the player to listen to Beethoven. ^ ^

If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the “top 10” records at the music store, Goggly Gogol, the type of crappy pop music that book-Alex condemns. HA, but he was listening to it!

Now hold on, you say, it could be a leftover of some OTHER time he invited girls over. That could be true. But it’s certainly interesting and testament to how much the set and props people were involved with little details 🙂

I also got a Bluray player, which made me kind of sad, seeing as how the new special-edition Clockwork Orange set was ALSO released on Bluray.  But it’s not like I’m missing anything by not seeing it in HD, it’s a pretty graphically-simple film.  It would probably ruin all the already-low tech stuff…..

But I’d love to hear from anyone who’s seen it in HD what the differences are, if any.


6 Responses to “Clockwork Orange – new DVD + Alex’s OTHER favorite music”

  1. Interesting observation

  2. Really good catch! I wonder if Kubrick is trying to say something about Alex’s integrity. Throughout the film we assume Alex’s actions are the direct result of his exact feelings…a mirror relationship between what he thinks and what he does. This suggests that maybe Alex did have internal conflicts about violence, rape, or musical taste. He should rape but he has to. He shouldn’t listen to crappy music but he has to. Maybe this is a stretch, but it’s something to think about. Sometimes Kubrick drives me crazy…

  3. Interesting observation there, Brent. **and I like your photographs.**
    After all, Alex is only 15 and for all his insistences on the superiority of his Beethoven and how he feels “above” everyone else….he’s still a teenager and maybe he does still like teeny pop music after all 😕

  4. YourHumbleNarator Says:

    You guys remember the two girls he “seduced” at the dvd shop thingie?
    In the book they where 10 year olds, and the plot was that they`l listen to their stupid pop music at his house instead of their crappy music-players.
    So there it is, the music is from the little 10year olds he raped.

    any questions?

  5. Exactly,
    The angle that Alex was a hypocrit is interesting, and indeed he was, in the sense he betrayed his droogies…er…brothers.
    However, most probably, in such an intensely visual film, the image was just what it appears, the very album the little pititsas…er…girls brought over to Alex’s to listen to “proper” and not on their own “pitiful, little picnic player”

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