AKIRA + Clockwork Orange a.k.a. OHHHHHHHH!


The other day I saw a website point out this similarity and then it occurred to me – AKIRA (the manga/comic is waaaay better than the film btw) is basically A Clockwork Orange in cyberpunk Japan, at which point I said something like “OHHHHHHHHH!”  Rival gangs in which the members dress alike, who take drugs w/drinks, a kid who gets taken in and re-programmed by the government.  That’s where the similarities end, as Tetsuo’s rampages and starting a new “government” (in the manga anyhoo) with Akira as “king” is in no way similar to Orange.

I’m willing to bet the creator of Akira was into ACO, though.  I also think it was probably influential on Beat Takeshi (Takeshi Kitano) at some point in his career (i.e. “Violent Cop”).

If you love Akira or ACO and haven’t seen the other, DO IT.  Been a while since I’ve actually seen Akira, I remember thinking how weird the “new” English dub (where they pronounce things right) was when I originally saw the old dub.   But I really did like the comic much much much better.

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