Clockwork Orange Costume Trial Run Part II (plus how to do it)


<click for full-size image>

<yes, the face was purposely blurred out.  I’m incognito.>

So, here’s the picture I promised two posts ago , along with sort of instructions for how to make your own and some funny little notes about reactions to the costume >: D

BY FAR the best resource for all Clockwork Orange costumes is this site, the most comprehensive fansite for the movie, book, and Malcolm McDowell. If you want to make your own costume, DEFINITELY look there first. It’s on geocities and tends to break down a lot, but check back later if it doesn’t work.

Here’s the deal with my costume –

So, I didn’t have a cane. I do own a cane-like umbrella. I used that.

I bought the white suit from Target 2 or 3 years ago. It has a nice standing-up collar and everything. I tucked in the jacket. The skirt was very short when I pulled it up with the suspenders so I wore gray bike shorts under it.

The light grey suspenders came from a thrift store.

Bowler hat from the hat store (wool). I would suggest getting a cheap costume one (non-wool) if you live in a warm climate.

Boots are Harley-Davidson womens’ motorcycle boots. The socks are not the right color (sort of off-white) but it was the closest thing to white I own.

MAKEUP – Okay, first you need a fake eyelash set. When I went to the drugstore all they had were super-fake looking ones (with like pink and glitter) and real-looking human hair ones. I went for human hair eyelashes (they are re-usable, safe, and the glue you buy for them is very strong) in black, and trimmed one so that it wouldn’t stick me in the eye and so that it looked like a bottom eyelash. The brand I bought is called Modlash.

If you already have dark eyelashes, you should use a fake eyelash that stands out more. And don’t use mascara.

If you have lighter eyelashes, use a lighter black or brown mascara on your top lashes. Get a gray or black eyeliner and use it all the way around the eye with the fake eyelash, and only on the top lid of the other eye. This is what I did, and I thought it looked reasonably good. I believe Alex actually wears 2 fake eyelashes on one eye, but my top lashes are pretty long so I didn’t do this.

I was missing the bloody-eyeball cufflinks, I just didn’t get the time to go get supplies to make them.

IN COSTUME – just some funny little side-notes…

People will ask you stupid questions or not know who you are. You should be prepared to deal with this. Yes, this happened to me, and to a friend’s friend, getting every kind of guess from Sweeney Todd to Charlie Chaplin.

DO NOT pick at your eyelash. Yes, it’s annoying, but it will either fall off or poke you in the eye and that is not fun.

The movie seems to carry a less-than-savory reputation already and don’t be surprised if people give you odd looks, scared looks, etc.


13 Responses to “Clockwork Orange Costume Trial Run Part II (plus how to do it)”

  1. […] Clockwork Orange Costume Trial Run I promise I will post some form of pictures later…**UPDATE: the pictures are in this post.** […]

    • Planning all four characters this Halloween. Already warned the boss if we’re not in Monday…it’s ‘cuz we’re still in jail. (j/k…I think) Any young devotckas interested in a little playacting and mayhem in downtown Tempe this Halloweenie? Thanks for the ideas Recca…found your blog from a fansite on Geocities. Great costume!

  2. Sailor Kitty Says:

    What a cool costume, Recca-chan!
    If I like the Book/Movie, I’ll go as that next halloween.
    (That’d make dad proud. He loves Clockwork Orange.)

  3. Wow, Recca, this is awesome! I was doing an internet search for A Clockwork Orange, trying to find still images from the film. I’m glad that I found your blog and photo. This is a kicka$$ costume, and the stare is perfect. Alex would be proud. Cheers, Brent

  4. Hey, I was looking for a droog costume and this was perfect because I was going to do a fem-droog look with a skirt and stockings!
    Very well-down.

    I’m kinda disappointed I found a grey bowler hat and black suspenders. They don’t work so well…but they work I guess.

    Once again, very well down!

  5. Wow this seems to be one of the most popular posts on the blog AND it’s led a lot of people here 😀
    Horrorshow >: )

  6. quistisffviii Says:

    That…is… AWESOME!!

    I’ve thought about dressing up as Alex for a few years in the male form, but maybe I should go as “Alexandria” De Large.

  7. Yeah, I’ve dressed as Alex from a clockwork orange for a few years and i’ll get anything from boy george to and random broadway show guess. Nice variation though.

  8. My costume 🙂

  9. NIKKI! Where did you get bloody eyeball cufflinks from? I’ve looked all over but I cant find them anywhere.

  10. Dogen Minty Says:

    Oooh, I’m just finishing up my costume for this year and found this thread. I still need to make the time to fab up some eyecuffs and I would really love to mold a maskie, but there isn’t time.

    Recca and Nikki you guys look… well..let me channel Alex…

    Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it is gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It is like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures!

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