Clockwork Orange Costume Trial Run

I promise I will post some form of pictures later…**UPDATE: the pictures are in this post.**

I went to a costume party wearing my aforementioned girl-Alex costume. Only about 4 people knew what I was. I got a few strange guesses, too.

Girl: Are you Sweeney Todd?

Me: Who? No!!! Have you ever seen “A Clockwork Orange?”

Girl: Ohhhhh….. No.

***UPDATE (1/08): I know who Sweeney Todd is now…I saw the movie (Tim Burton is one of my fave directors) and liked it, so wonderfully demented and ultraviolent, haha.  A black comedy musical type deal that had a pretty depressing ending but was good overall****  Although it would be difficult to mistake Alex for Sweeney Todd I think.***

But the reception from those who did know was good, although it was quite dark in the room and I think people had trouble seeing the fake eyelash. And you know, now that I think about it, even people who have never seen the movie should at least have some idea of what the character looks like (thanks to the Simpsons, I believe Bart was Alex on one of the Halloween specials).

And yeah, some people thought they knew what I was but had to ask. And one girl was like “maybe you should carry around a glass of milk.” Good idea but…

I was unfortunately missing some bloody eyeball cufflinks (never got around to making them) and a sword-cane. I had to make do with my awesome black tolchocking umbrella >: )

Feel free to share your own funny costume stories.


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