A Clockwork Orange…the video game?

The other night I had the strangest dream, that I was playing some cute pixellated gameboy advance-looking Clockwork Orange video game on a gameboy or something. As dreams often do, this one seemed to confuse the actual events of the movie…For some reason the setting was an island and a castle town. 0_o? Well, it made perfect sense when I was dreaming it anway.

This is *an artist’s* cruddy rendering of sort of what the game looked like in my dream except it’s closer to the actual movie:


And now for something else: If this WAS to be done, what kind of genre would it best fit into?…..

  • Text Adventure: I could see this possibly working out, but there’s the “language” barrier. But of course the hilarious possibility of having something like this ensue….


>>give money to hobo



  • RPG: No way, it would be ridiculous, don’t even wanna discuss it.
  • VN (Visual Novel): Well, something I could actually program myself. But I’m not a creative enough artist and it would be more of the same thing as the film… And if you tried to throw in choices or something…. it would be as ridiculous as the example I was talking about for a text adventure…
  • Beat-em-up: Hell yes! I could TOTALLY see this game being like Streets of Rage or Final Fight. You could sort of expand the gang warfare aspect of the story… It might end up being like Grand Theft Auto or something…. but of course all of that has to come to an end when Alex gets caught.
  • GTA clone: Again, hell yes! What genre was better made to handle ultraviolence, eh? >: )
  • Fighting game: Well….there’s a FEW characters you could use, but I could only see this working out if it was something like…. (laughs evilly >: D Read the rest of this post and find out my evil plan!)

STANLEY KUBRICK’S CHARITY DEATHMATCH BATTLE 2008!!! Featuring all your favorite Kubrick film characters, Alex, Jack (The Shining), Lolita and her lollypop of death, HAL 9000…. Oh that would be fun, if only for gimmicky laughs….any good MUGEN sprite manipulators/programmers wanna pull this one off?

****UPDATE (6/26/08)****

I think the most feasible possibility that’s still in keeping with the film/book’s overall plot is a combination of several of the above genres. Alternatively, there’s the idea of creating something in the same universe that’s set before the events of the film…..for full crime-spree potential. I heard that Rockstar Games did it with their video game version of The Warriors, to allow for more gang fights and fun stuff like that.

I seriously think, with all of Rockstar’s “sandbox” GTA-like games out there that there’s a serious market for a Clockwork Orange video game. Rockstar put out a boarding school bully game recently (Bully) which also made me think that there’s a possibility for an “If….” video game as well. It would be super-fun to see any of these films turned into video games…provided they’re good video games, unlike the bulk of movie-based games.

I have heard rumors that there was a Clockwork Orange game for the Atari 2600. If anyone knows anything about this or has a ROM….comment away!

10 Responses to “A Clockwork Orange…the video game?”

  1. Actually, I’m, like, 95% sure that there was actually an adaption of this movie into a game for the Atari 2600. It was too violent for stores of back-in-the-day to openly stock (especially with the films reputation), so it now drifts in obscurity. See if you can’t find a ROM file or, if you’re extremely lucky, an actual cartridge of it.

  2. I have searched the internet extensively and found no mention of this game. I combed through “complete” ROM lists and lists of Atari 2600 games. Given the violent content, I think the game may have been bootleg or unofficial (like all the old porno games made for the Atari).
    And thank you, “Alex,” for this “insider information.” Good to know that you care about your own publicity. T_T;;

  3. can anyone link me to a ROM of this game?

  4. Kubrick1971 Says:

    Clockwork orange is my favorite movie.If a video game came out,it would be so cool.

  5. clockwork orange would make a shitty game but we all wish that wasnt the truth thats like saving up for a superjail video game never gonna happen but we alll wish it will be

  6. It does not exist yet, but I am in the process of making one. Should be done before Christmas 2010. Cheers Droogs!

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