New Clockwork Orange DVD, super-special edition!

orangeav.jpgWell, I already own the cheapass first release of A Clockwork Orange (one of my top 10 favorite movies). I really want the new special special edition that’s coming out on October 23rd. Of course, I’ll probably have to wait until the holidays to get it, my DVD funds are a bit low because of those Vampires manga I bought from Japan.

They are releasing 2Disc special sets of The Shining and 2001: A Space Odyssey as well. And for all you HD people, they are putting these sets in Bluray and HD-DVD also. Despite being a huge film nerd, I don’t have an HD System yet. I’m waiting to see which one “wins out” because I have a feeling this is gonna be like VHS and Betamax.
Anyway, the DVD is supposed to be in 5.1 Surround…….so we’ll get to hear those sweet Wendy Carlos tracks in glorious Dolby. It also features commentary by Alex…er…Malcolm McDowell (obviously we can’t get a director commentary) which should prove very interesting considering the surprising number of harmful experiences he had while filming Orange (i.e. almost drowning during the trough scene, nearly going blind from the false eyelash irritation…) I can’t wait to hear it. Also, the DVD is supposed to have some featurettes about the making of the film. Hooray!

I think this sounds like a pretty horrorshow DVD release, and I’m looking forward to it. >: D

Follow-up post: when I got the actual DVD.


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