Evil Chairman Mao (new comic series) #1

Okay, here’s the new comic. #1. The first one I decided is blog-worthy. Yep.

Evil Chairman Mao #1

***UPDATE (3/2008)*** This comic is a parody and is not meant to make any insinuations about the historical personage of Chairman Mao Zedong. Like my other propaganda caption comics, it’s meant to parody idealism and/or any funny situations formed by the people in the pictures. I have received complaints saying that I am ignorantly making jokes about a foreign culture, so I thought I would address them.***


5 Responses to “Evil Chairman Mao (new comic series) #1”

  1. Mao b good Says:

    this comic is crude and rediculos.
    The e-mail address i supplied you with is fake.
    the communism of chairman mao is certanly not the best it could be, but this really is beyond a joke.
    you simply cannot judge people so stupidly!
    this is not a decant way to treat people and certanly not a good way to act.
    just treat it as a mistake and do not venture toward this silly type of remark again.

  2. Mao b good
    Please, this blog is Recca’s, not yours nor China’s. She has rights to make satire on whatever she want. I assume, you don’t have a sense of humor.

    It’s like making satire on president George Bush and no one bitchin’. What gives?

    Recca, sorry. I had to respond to that “Mao b good.”

  3. Free speech and free parody forever!
    But seriously, I have nothing against historical Mao, I just think propaganda is funny 😛

  4. White Man Sucks Says:

    All you racist whites better stop making fun of races that aren’t yours. How would you like it if I insulted the color of skin? Whites are officially called “milkies”, because they’re color is the color of milk!


    • a concerned person Says:

      dear white man sucks, you are a ignorant pice of f**k, you are so detached from society you can’t see that recca is trying to make a parody, she is not being racist she is making a joke, you are the racist one not her
      i apologize recca but he is a a-hole and I had to tell him that

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